The Ethel Streit School - A deliberately diverse educational community located in Cincinnati, Ohio
The Ethel Streit School
About Our Curriculum
We believe that in order for learning to be truly accessible, it must first be engaging and enjoyable, as well as applicable to the student’s life.

Our curriculum offers an approach that is dynamic, sensorial, and multi-disciplinary, in which the motivations, interests, and strengths of the student are utilized to tailor a genuinely individualized and differentiated education for each student. Our approach believes there are ample opportunities for learning in every moment and all around, and as such, exploration is encouraged and emphasized, while repetition and rote memorization are not.

To promote inquiry and exploration, we encourage our students to venture outside as often as possible, using their whole bodies to delve both into nature and into their community as a whole. Our curriculum incorporates time spent outdoors on a daily basis, as well as time spent in the community – visiting museums and the zoo, swimming at the local pool, attending cultural performances, or helping care for animals at the local rescue - on a weekly basis.

Feeling connected to, and a part of, one’s community is fundamental to fostering a responsibility to, and relationship with, something larger than our selves. Due to our small class size and the flexible nature of the curriculum, we have the ability to often explore core content within the context of something much broader than our four walls. In these experiences, our students will not only gain greater exposure to diversity of thought, experience, and culture, they will develop a richer sense of the Cincinnati community, and its value, offerings, and history.

The overall goal of the curriculum is to inspire our students to be caretakers of themselves, their environment, and their community.
The Four Key Components
  1. Inclusive
    Effective learning occurs within the context of relationships. We believe the most successful and dynamic learning environments strive for and encourage diversity, which we define broadly and inclusive of race, socioeconomic status, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, personality, learning style, and culture. We strive to create an environment that facilitates and supports genuine respect and tolerance for multiple types of difference, both in our staff and our student population.
  2. Democratic
    Experiential learning includes determining how to make decisions, both for oneself and within the context one’s peer community. In order to promote citizenship and collaboration, we believe it is essential to provide ample opportunity for students to responsibly contribute to the design and rhythm of their environment. By knowing their voices and ideas have value and worth, students gain a sense of belonging, as well as an greater understanding of one’s ability to effect change
  3. Collaborative
    We feel that a deep and real partnership between students, teachers, parents, administrators, and the larger community creates a truly vibrant educational environment.
  4. Experiential
    We believe an environment that promotes experimentation, observation, and interaction allows for optimal learning. When students become deeply involved in their own learning experiences, the process becomes richer, more joyful, more nuanced, and, ultimately, more fully ingrained in the learner.
The Ethel Streit School - A deliberately diverse educational community located in Cincinnati, OH